Episode 24 – Lillian Ogbogoh, Author and Nurture Your Power Coach


Lillian explains what a Nuture Your Power Coach is and how she makes women feel powerful.

Lillian gives us her view of leadership and the most important qualities a true leader needs to have to be successful.

Lillian tells us how her own experience with a coach was an important factor in her becoming a coach.

Lillian breaks down Neuro Linquistic Programming (NLP) and shows us why chidren are the NLP ninjas.

Covid 19 has had an affect on most businesses including Lillian’s training programmes and she tells us about some of the difficulties of online training and some of the positives.

Lillian talks about her book “7 habits that rob us of our power” and explains some of these habits.

Lillian happens to be a podcast host and tells us a bit about her podcast titled “Shine Out Loud Show”.





The Seven Habits E-book

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