Episode 22 – Khalia Ismain, Founder of Jamii

Khalia talks about her inspiration for creating Jamii and where the name Jamii came from.

Khalia tells us why she felt it was important to help promote black businesses and how she identifies businesses that are a good fit for Jamii.

Khalia gives us an insight into her future plans for Jamii.

Khalia tells us about her other project Baygo a quick serve caribbean restaurant based in bank.

Khalia explains her aims for this brand and what she hopes the future holds.

Khalia also gives us a bit of advice in what should be your first steps to starting a new business.

If any businesses are interested in working with Jamii they can email Khalia on khalia@lovejamii.com

Get your Jamii card here: www.lovejamii.com/getmycard

Twitter: @UKJamii

Facebook: @UKJamii

Instagram: UKJamii

Visit Baygo: 27-29 EASTCHEAP, LONDON EC3M 1DE 0207 929 7225


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