Episode 21 – Cheryl Phoenix, Founder of The Black Child Agenda

Cheryl tells us about her experience working in media and global event management and how this helped shape her career as a public speaker.

Cheryl explains why the London Development Agencies BME Grant was a great idea while it lasted.

Cheryl explains what two things motivated her to start The Black Child Agenda and how this had a positive outcome for her personally.

Cheryl goes through the services that are provided by The Black Child Agenda, including advice on employment law.

Cheryl talks about the “schools to prison pipeline” in some detail explaining how schools can breed resentment which can lead on to negative futures.

Cheryl also tells us a bit about the Black Family Agenda and the Black Business Agenda.

The Black Child Agenda  Conference 25th November 2017 13:00 – 19:00, 1 – 5 Hinton Road, London SE24 0HA. Tickets : http://www.cherylphoenix.com/conferencetickets/

Website: http://www.cherylphoenix.com

Twitter: @cherylphoenix99 and @blackchildagend

Facebook: @cherylphoenix9 and @theblackchildagenda




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