Episode 20 – Junior Ogunyemi, Author, Inspirational Speaker and Entrepreneur

Junior had a lot of success with start up businesses whilst he was at university and tells us which one was his favourite.

Junior tells us the amazing story about how his first book “How To Be A Student Entrepreneur” came into existence.

Junior discusses the inclusion of entrepreneurship in schools and the importance as the the well trodden route of good education good job is no longer a guarantee

Junior lets us know the best way of experiencing the Entrepower Academy and the benefits for people who join.

Junior tells us three key bits of advice for anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur

Out of all of the awards and accolades Junior has received he tells us which one would make his mother most happy.

Junior explains how his family and his faith helped him become the success he is today.

Web: http://www.juniorogunyemi.com/

Facebook: @juniorwole and @howtobeastudententrepreneur

Instagram: jr_entrepreneur

Twitter: @junioroguyemi

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