Episode 19 – Renée Davis, Founder of Out The Box

Renée explains a bit about Out The Box and where the name came from.

Creatives, Renée gave us her definition of what a creative is and how the definition has changed slightly in recent times.

Renée explains the format of her workshops and some of the content of the Out The Box videos.

Renée gives us a preview of the content of Out The Box Live which is happening on 7th December 2017, Club Workspace, Farringdon EC1R 0AT, The show will be called “The Process” Tickets are available here http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/out-the-box-livethe-process-tickets-39169224204

Renée talks about her career in journalism and gives advice to anyone who is interested in being a journalist.

Renée tells us how she is tenacious in networking and getting people for interviews and explains how networking should benefit all parties.

Twitter: @outtheboxuk and @NayOTB

Instgram: outtheboxuk

Facebook: @outtheboxuk1




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