Example is not the main thing in influencing others, it is the only thing.

Albert Schneitzer

Episode 00 – An introduction to the Influence and Inspire Podcast.


Episode 00 is an introduction to the influence and inspire podcast where I briefly explain my motivations for creating this podcast and the benefits I hope people will gain from listening to it. 

Episode 01 – David Mullings CEO and Founder, Father Figure Children and Family Services


David Mullings crop


In this episode David Mullings talks about some of the services Father Figure provides. He talks about what inspired him to set up father figure and the importance of the fathers role in their children lives.

David provides an insight into the kind of work his organisation does and the support they are able to provide to families and in particular fathers who are denied access to their children.

David speaks about the upcoming Fathers Day Family Fun Event on 18th June 2017 and how the event started in 2011. This will be the 7th anniversary and it will be held at the Capital City Academy, Doyle Gardens, Willesden, London NW10 3ST. This years event will start at 11 am. Fathers Day 2017 Teaser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GSBd0gEmlG4&feature=youtu.be&a

If you would like to contact David:

Website: http://www.fatherfigure.org.uk

Email: info@fatherfigure.org.uk

Twitter: @FFigure

tumblr: Ffigure

Facebook: fatherfigure.forchildren

Insta: father_figure4children


Episode 02 – Bola Abisogun FRICS Director of Urbanis, Chartered Surveying and Construction Management Services



In this episode Bola talks about his motivation for starting a company offering specialist support in Chartered Surveying and Construction Management and how the American arm of the company was formed.

Bola gives some important points about setting up your own business and talks about the Construction Leadership Diversity Forum and the work they do.

He explains his initiative YBM to USA “on a tour of themselves”.

As the founding role model of the Black Training Enterprise Group BTEG, Bola explains the services BTEG offers and the best way to access BTEG.

Bola finishes off talking about DiverseCity Surveyors a new initiative to engage the next generation of surveyors focusing on increasing the black and minority ethnic (BAME) membership in the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) from the current 1.2%.

For more information on the DiverseCity’s logo competition please go to: http://www.urbanis.co.uk/diversecity-surveyors-logo-competition/

Closing date for competition entries is 4th July 2017

Websites: http://www.urbanis.co.uk/


Email: diversecity.surveyors@gmail.com


Episode 03 – Tony McKenzie Professional Business Career and Life Coach and Author


Tony McKenzie


Tony talks about why he became a business career and life coach after starting his career in the music business and also working in the fashion industry.

Tony explains what his book “You Were Born Invincible” is all about. Tony gives us a unique incite into how to banish limiting beliefs within 60 seconds….. yes 60 seconds.

Tony also talks deeply about taking responsibility for your personal situation and the importance of empowering people to acknowledge “radical responsibility” and the cultural differences that have an affect on our belief systems. Tony’s methods are based on how these belief systems albeit historical still have a profound effect on people today.

Tony explains how films and television often perpetuate these beliefs however he is not saying there is some kind of conspiracy.

Tony also talks about what he believes is the secret to success for each person breaking this down into two main areas.

Tony provided a very thought provoking interview, please comment. I’m particularly interested if anyone disagrees with Tony’s philosophy.

If you want to learn more about Tony’s methods his book can be purchased here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/You-Were-Born-Invincible-McKenzie/dp/0954816625/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1498034214&sr=1-1-fkmr0&keywords=you+were+born+invincible+2nd+edition


Episode 04 – Aaron Wallace, Founder of Shear and Shine Male Grooming Products




Aaron talks about what motivated him to start his own business and the indirect influence his dad had on this decision.

Aaron explains why he chose to start a business supplying male grooming products for black men and where he intends to take the business in the future and the difficulties of being an entrepreneur.

Aaron discusses the difficulties in getting shops to stock his products and the main reasons why these difficulties exist.

Aaron also talks about the Shear and Shine products and their unique ingredients that make them different from other high street products.

Don’t forget the first person to write a review of the interview on any of the platforms will win Exclusive Shear and Shine Beard Oil.

The best place to purchase Shear and Shine products is on the website: http://www.shearandshinegrooming.co.uk

You can follow Shear and Shine on:

Facebook: @ShearAndShineUK

Twitter: @ShearAndShine

Instagram: shearandshine

Episode 05 – Tony Warner, Management Consultant and Founder of Black History Walks Tours



In this episode Tony talks about running workshops about institutional racism with various organisations and how the format would be.

Tony tells us about the war effort from African and Caribbean people dating back as far as the 1790’s.

Tony explains how his 12 and 26 week courses impacted on the primary and secondary school children who were able to attend these courses.

Tony talks about Black History Walks Tours and his motivation for starting them. He also talks about the movies they show every month.

Tony explains what motivated him to start learning about and teaching black history to others.

If you are interested in attending a black history walk please go to http://www.blackhistorywalks.co.uk where you can also sign up to the mailing list.

To contact Tony email info@blackhistorywalks.co.uk

You can also follow on twitter: @blackhistwalker

Facebook: black history walks

Episode 06 – Carl Reid, Community Sports Management Network


Carl talks about the basketball club he has been running for seven years offering opportunities for the community to get involved in sport. He believes young people are still very interested in sport however there is probably less access these days.

Carl explains the importance of playing sport and the lessons that people can learn during sports activity including discipline, meeting new people and learning from others.

Carl talks about his volunteering for the Black Training Enterprise Group (BTEG) and how he got involved with the organisation and the positive impact it has had on his life.

Carl tells us about his motivation for producing an eight week youth mentoring programme, the successes that came out of the programme and his plans for the programme moving forward.

Carl gives us his view on how parents can help their children’s education by getting involved in schools, parent governors etc and having positive interactions with schools.

If you are interested in volunteering Carl talks about how he started and how you could start doing something similar.

You can contact Carl on the following social media:






Episode 07 – Claude Hendrickson, Project Manager Boys2men BME Health



In this episode Claude tells us what it was like growing up in Chapeltown Leeds in the 70’s and 80’s and how things have changed over the years including immigration.

Claude talks about what made him get involved with the community and how this led to volunteering, this included the influence the late Darcus Howe had on his life.

Claude tells us about the Self Build Community Project where a group of unemployed men were able to get involved in building their own houses.

We are also given an insight into the Race Card project where Claude travelled to some of the major cities in England and compared the experiences of black people in these areas.

Claude talks about his involvement with the Black Health Initiative and the aims of this project.

Claude explains a bit about the Routes2Success programme and working with the Black Training Enterprise Group (BTEG).

You can get in touch with Claude here:

Email: Claude@lwicct.co.uk

Email: Hopperuk@me.com

Facebook: Hoppa hendrickson

Facebook: Race card lwicct

Twitter: @hopper_claude


Episode 08 – Marcia Steele, Director of Throw it Out Community Interest Company


Marcia explains why Throw it Out was set up and how netball suffers the same issues that we find in everyday life.

Marcia talks about the early findings of her PHD, which is about the Educational Attainment of Looked-After Children.

Marcia previously worked at the Voice newspaper and the Pride magazine and talks about her experience there. Also commenting on the popularity of these types of media today.

Marcia talks about her input in the training of police officers following the Macpherson Report published in 1999.

Marcia explains what the Parent Action and Resource Centre (PARC) have been up to over the last year including conferences and workshops. The training provided for parents to enable them to support their children through their education, including advocacy training to help parents deal with exclusions.

Marcia talks about the upcoming event on 28th October 2017, for more details or to contact PARC:

Website: http://parentsactionresource.org.uk/

Email: info@parentsactionresource.org.uk

Facebook: Parents action resource centre

Twitter: @uk_parc

Episode 09 – Claudine Adeyemi, Founder and CEO of The Student Development Co.


Claudine tells us about why she decided to study law and become a solicitor which is her current role.

Claudine explains the services The Student Development Company offers to young people who have finished their education and are thinking about starting their careers.

Claudine talks about her app Career Ear which allows students to ask professionals questions regarding their industry and receive responses via the app.

Claudine also talks about some of the work she does as a Social Mobility Ambassador for the law society.

Set goals, achieve, repeat is Claudine’s motto for success and she lets us know the importance of setting goals.

The subject of young people voting and the importance was also discussed and how young people can become more politically aware.

Contact Claudine:

Email: c.adeyemi@studentdevelopment.co.uk

Website: http://www.studentdevelopment.co.uk

Twitter: @studevco @ClaudineAdeyemi

Instagram: @studevco

Facebook: The Student Development Co.

LinkedIn: The Student Development Co.


Episode 10 – La’tifah Atkinson, Owner and Head Decorator at Bake That Cake


La’tifah tells us how her cake making hobby became a business and the input the Princess Trust had on getting her business launched.

La’tifah explains why she had to give up a possible career in forensic science and how her story helps in her role as a Young Ambassador for the Princess Trust .

La’tifah talks about how she makes the edible incredible and the time it takes to make sculptured cakes.

La’tifah gives us an incite into what it was like baking a cake for the Queen and Prince Charles and getting to meet them.

If you are interested in cake decorating you can contact La’tifah here:

Website: http://www.bakethatcake.co.uk/

Email: info@bakethatcake.co.uk

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bakethatcakeuk

Twitter: @bakethatcakeuk

Instagram: @bakethatcakeuk

If you would like La’tifah to bake you a cake please go to:

Episode 11 – Ronke Lawal, Founder of Ariatu PR and Communications Company

Ronke tells us about her university experience in Richmond, Virginia USA and why America appears to be the land of opportunity. She also talks about the positives of going to university including the networking aspect.

Ronke explains why she chose to set up a public relations company and the services Ariatu offers.

Ronke talks about the Hoxton Apprentice and what this initiative meant to her in the role of trustee.

Ronke talks about how she became a Director at Voluntary Action Academy, which was linked to her role as a trustee for Voluntary Action Islington.

Ronke also does mentoring through a couple of organisations and explains how she manages her time in order to not become overwhelmed.

Ronke tells us about her lifestyle blog “who’s for dinner” and why she continues to do this blog.

Ronke’s shares some future plans and how she intends to get herself in a position where she can give back and teach others her skills.

If Ronke had to choose one person who really inspires her it would be Oprah Winfrey.

To check out the services Ariatu offers go to: www.ariatupr.com

See Ronke’s social media below:





Episode 12 – Mottie Omideyi-Akapo, Founder and Managing Director of Joined Up Thinking

Mottie tells us a bit about her time working for the National Health Service (NHS) and how she stumbled into the job but at her interview realised it was meant to be.

Mottie talks about some of the initiatives she started at the NHS including a coaching and mentoring scheme designed to help BME staff reach the summit of the snow peaked mountain at the NHS.

Mottie’s background volunteering at church and youth clubs gave her the passion to help others through mentoring.

Mottie explains why she is so passionate about mentoring and the importance mentoring to both young people and adults.

Mottie tells us about some of the programmes Joined Up Thinking offers for young people between the ages of 11 – 30 and why some of these programmes are based on self confidence building.

To find out more about the services Joined Up Thinking offers or to be a mentor or mentee go to:


You can also get in touch with Mottie on the following links:

Email: info@joinedupthinkinguk.com​​


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JUTMentoring/


Episode 13 – Nii Sackey, Chief Executive of Bigga fish


Nii explains what Bigga fish have been doing for the last 17 years and some of the services they offer.

Nii talks about how Bigga fish fused urban music with an orchestra with the hope of transforming orchestral music making it more appealing to younger people.

Nii tells us what motivated him to set up Bigga fish at the age of 21 and explains the outreach work that the street teams do.

Nii explains how Bigga fish has helped set up over 100 new businesses and the type of business mentors that were available to support the programme.

Nii was acknowledged and received a Clore Award for leadership and what this award meant to him and why this was important.

Nii lets us know about the future plans for Bigga fish including a Kung Fu temple in Jamaica (TRIBE).

Nii also talks about his concerns for the future of Bigga fish in the knowledge that the budget they receive from the Arts Council has now been cut.

To learn more about bigga fish go to: www.biggafish.com

Twitter: @BiggaFish

Facebook: @Biggafishonline

Episode 14 – Daniella Blechner, Founder of Conscious Dreams Publishing


Daniella tells how her interest in writing started at a very young age, writing her first book aged 8.

Daniella describes a turbulent time in college where she wrote a comedy sketch for Gina Yashere and Richard Blackwood.

Daniella explains what motivated her to write her bestselling book Mr Wrong and shares some of the content.

Daniella tells us why she felt it was important to start her own publishing company and why the company supports and publishes mainly women.

Daniella talks about her workshops for aspiring female authors and empowerment workshops for young women and girls.

Daniella shares some tricks of the trade on how to make your book a best seller.

To find out more about the Power of Your Story workshop go to:


Web: www.consciousdreamspublishing.com

Email: info@consciousdreamspublishing.com

Twitter: @dreamsconscious

Episode 15 – Mahawa Kamara, Creative Director and Founder of Soapconnoisseur


Mahawa tells us about some of the products Soapconnoisseur provides and what motivated her to start her business.

Mahawa explains how she went from making soap for her daughters sensitive skin to starting a business selling soap.

Mahawa gives some incite into some of the services provided by the job centre and how this helped her launch her business.

Mahawa lets us know some of the ingredients she uses in her products and how the new line of products will be designed to help combat different skin conditions.

Mahawa looks back at her time as a social worker and talks about how the skills gained as social worker have been transferable when running Soapconnoisseur.

Web: http://www.thesoapconnoisseur.com

Twitter: @soapconnoisseur

Instagram: @thesoapconnoisseur

Facebook: @thesoapconnoisseur


Episode 16 – Tokunbo Koiki, Founder of Tokunbo’s Kitchen

Tokunbo joins us from New York and talks about the reason she got involved in working with the homeless in London and Washington DC and tells us about some of her experiences.

Tokunbo tells us why children and women’s rights is so important to her and why she has always been an advocate.

Tokunbo gives us idea of the the type of food served at Tokunbo’s Kitchen and the experience that comes with the food at the Oya Come Chop Supper Club.

Tokunbo tells us about the twist she has given to her food to make it suitable for most palates.

Tokunbo explains how she ended up attending the New York African Restaurant Week, which has now increased to three weeks. Tokunbo also explains why she enjoys this experience.

Tokunbo talks about future plans for Tokunbo’s Kitchen and one of her goals to feed John Boyega and Anthony Joshua.

Website: http://www.tokunboskitchen.com

Twitter: @tokunboskitchen

Instgram: tokunboskitchen

Facebook: @tokunboskitchen

Episode 17 – Casey Elisha, Founder of Casey Elisha Books

Casey has self published her books and explains a bit about her self publishing journey including pros and cons.

Casey tells us why it was important to have black characters in her books and how these books are still appropriate for all races to read.

Casey talks about why she decided to write children’s books and the importance of books for children as an aid for learning.

Casey explains what happens in Casey Elisha Books reading corner and why she is happy to promote other author’s books.

Casey tells us how she chooses people to interview as a representation of characters in her book.

Casey also explains why she doesn’t sell her books through book stores such as Waterstones and Amazon. You can easily buy Casey’s books from her website.


Twitter: @celishabooks

Instagram: @celishabooks

Episode 18 – Cherlene Wilson, CEO of Cherlene Wilson Ltd

Cherlene explains how she became a personality specialist and what this entails.

Cherlene tells us why she has chosen to use a blended coaching technique rather than single method coaching.

Cherlene gives us an incite into her childhood and how her life story dominates her speaking engagements.

Cherlene has been celibate for 10 years and tells us how her early life meant it was important for her to commit to celibacy. Cherlene also offers advice on the first couple of steps that should be taken if anyone wants to become celibate.

Cherlene tells us about her new Podcast Purity Talks which was launched in September 2017 and some of the topics covered.

Cherlene talks about her book 21 Insights For Authentic Living and tells us where the motivation to write this book came from and a bit about the contents.

Purity Talks Live, Friday 17th November 2017 at the Hackney Attic, 269 Mare Street, E8 1HE. Tickets can be purchased here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/purity-talkstm-live-with-cherlene-wilson-tickets-37758964078


Social Media @cherlenewilson

Episode 19 – Renée Davis, Founder of Out The Box

Renée explains a bit about Out The Box and where the name came from.

Creatives, Renée gave us her definition of what a creative is and how the definition has changed slightly in recent times.

Renée explains the format of her workshops and some of the content of the Out The Box videos.

Renée gives us a preview of the content of Out The Box Live which is happening on 7th December 2017, Club Workspace, Farringdon EC1R 0AT, The show will be called “The Process” Tickets are available here http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/out-the-box-livethe-process-tickets-39169224204

Renée talks about her career in journalism and gives advice to anyone who is interested in being a journalist.

Renée tells us how she is tenacious in networking and getting people for interviews and explains how networking should benefit all parties.

Twitter: @outtheboxuk and @NayOTB

Instgram: outtheboxuk

Facebook: @outtheboxuk1

Episode 20 – Junior Ogunyemi, Author, Inspirational Speaker and Entrepreneur

Junior had a lot of success with start up businesses whilst he was at university and tells us which one was his favourite.

Junior tells us the amazing story about how his first book “How To Be A Student Entrepreneur” came into existence.

Junior discusses the inclusion of entrepreneurship in schools and the importance as the the well trodden route of good education good job is no longer a guarantee

Junior lets us know the best way of experiencing the Entrepower Academy and the benefits for people who join.

Junior tells us three key bits of advice for anyone who wants to become an entrepreneur

Out of all of the awards and accolades Junior has received he tells us which one would make his mother most happy.

Junior explains how his family and his faith helped him become the success he is today.

Web: http://www.juniorogunyemi.com/

Facebook: @juniorwole and @howtobeastudententrepreneur

Instagram: jr_entrepreneur

Twitter: @junioroguyemi

Episode 21 – Cheryl Phoenix, Founder of The Black Child Agenda

Cheryl tells us about her experience working in media and global event management and how this helped shape her career as a public speaker.

Cheryl explains why the London Development Agencies BME Grant was a great idea while it lasted.

Cheryl explains what two things motivated her to start The Black Child Agenda and how this had a positive outcome for her personally.

Cheryl goes through the services that are provided by The Black Child Agenda, including advice on employment law.

Cheryl talks about the “schools to prison pipeline” in some detail explaining how schools can breed resentment which can lead on to negative futures.

Cheryl also tells us a bit about the Black Family Agenda and the Black Business Agenda.

The Black Child Agenda  Conference 25th November 2017 13:00 – 19:00, 1 – 5 Hinton Road, London SE24 0HA. Tickets : http://www.cherylphoenix.com/conferencetickets/

Website: http://www.cherylphoenix.com

Twitter: @cherylphoenix99 and @blackchildagend

Facebook: @cherylphoenix9 and @theblackchildagenda

Episode 22 – Khalia Ismain, Founder of Jamii

Khalia talks about her inspiration for creating Jamii and where the name Jamii came from.

Khalia tells us why she felt it was important to help promote black businesses and how she identifies businesses that are a good fit for Jamii.

Khalia gives us an insight into her future plans for Jamii.

Khalia tells us about her other project Baygo a quick serve caribbean restaurant based in bank.

Khalia explains her aims for this brand and what she hopes the future holds.

Khalia also gives us a bit of advice in what should be your first steps to starting a new business.

If any businesses are interested in working with Jamii they can email Khalia on khalia@lovejamii.com

Get your Jamii card here: www.lovejamii.com/getmycard

Twitter: @UKJamii

Facebook: @UKJamii

Instagram: UKJamii

Visit Baygo: 27-29 EASTCHEAP, LONDON EC3M 1DE 0207 929 7225

Episode 23 – Ernest Enabulele, Author and Founder of Interview Coaching Expert Ltd

Ernest tells us about some of his important interview techniques and one of his most successful moments in his coaching career.

Ernest explains (using one of his many quotes) why he has chosen an interview coaching career rather then using his skills to get a high profile job.

Ernest talks about his best selling books and has the difficult task of naming his favourite/most important book.

Ernest (modestly) lets us know why we should choose him as an interview coach.

Ernest gives us some top tips on CV writing

To find out more about Ernest’s coaching sessions you can email him on ernest@jobinterviewtips.co.uk


Episode 24 – Lillian Ogbogoh, Author and Nurture Your Power Coach

Lillian explains what a Nuture Your Power Coach is and how she makes women feel powerful.

Lillian gives us her view of leadership and the most important qualities a true leader needs to have to be successful.

Lillian tells us how her own experience with a coach was an important factor in her becoming a coach.

Lillian breaks down Neuro Linquistic Programming (NLP) and shows us why chidren are the NLP ninjas.

Covid 19 has had an affect on most businesses including Lillian’s training programmes and she tells us about some of the difficulties of online training and some of the positives.

Lillian talks about her book “7 habits that rob us of our power” and explains some of these habits.

Lillian happens to be a podcast host and tells us a bit about her podcast titled “Shine Out Loud Show”.




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